Sidekick bench [WIP]

A small versatile bench, usable as a normal bench, a bench top bench, a kid bench, a sawing bench, a shaving pony or an actual sitting bench.



To elevate work for fine tasks

A classic workbench works just great most of the time but I find that adding 30cm to a traditional 80-90cm or even a 75cm kitchen table, making it up to 110-120cm is great for precise work or just to relieve back pain. I’m in the 180~190cm.


To double as a low bench

Either as a sawing bench, a shaving pony or a carving bench, and even sometimes as an actual table bench in my backyard.

I didn’t like kids standing on a stool at the bench with heavy or cutting fragile tools, so there is that too.

I built this little bench with removable feets to make it 45-50cm high if needed.

shaving pony - full

To use it around the house

A classic workbench is … static, either attached to a wall or too heavy and commercial “mobile” workbenches are usually too light and too low.

So I clamp this sidekick bench on top of saw horses and work in the comfort of the fireplace.

around the house - full


I had some various hardwood pieces around:

There is nothing special about the build. I just made sure to design and build: