git & pandoc ❤

LaTeX produces great looking documents but no one has the time and the nerves to use it.

Markdown is omnipresent but not quite easy to get decent “client ready” documents from.

Pandoc is georgeous, yet its defaults need a little customization. Workflow wise, such customizations are best shared via git.

See how this post looks

Useless gaps

TL;DR: Modern era, computer, multitasking, context switching, mind fuck, dark side. Tiling window manager, fullscreen mode, big fonts.

A look at^Wthrough finders

Liking or hating a camera finder feels like a major criteria in the experience, the choice to buy, use or sell a camera. More than the technical qualities, my experience of vizualizing the subject the if and how.

Digging out some photographies and cameras.

As I was reading about the latest Leica M9 and browsing through Leica fans pages on Flickr (check moaan for instance), I felt the need to dig through shelves and boxes for my cameras and pictures.
Here are some of them, pour le panache

La FORCE de 75 huîtres

J'aime bien le ridicule. J'ai une affection particulière pour les pubs débiles et les petits papiers des marabouts. On les trouve comme des perles et on les garde avec soi longtemps, on les oublie et un jour, ces petits trésors remontent à la surface ...Aujourd'hui, je viens de retrouver échouée sur mon téléphone cette photo prise il y a quelques mois dans une pharmacie ...À y regarder de plus près, on se pose quand même des questions."La force de 75 huîtres dans un comprimé". Hmm.

Playing with Nikon D90 & Nikkor 70-210mm 4-5.6 AF-D

Recently, as I was looking on Ebay for a cheap lens to shoot some sports and portraits, 70-200 or such, with decent results, I found a Nikkor 70-210mm 4-5.6 AF-D.Reviews about this lens, and eventually its use with modern amateur reflexes are rare (1999 huh ...), so I guess these few words could help some of us.For 50€, it was more or less a $100 better deal than the usual Ebay price.

Goban how-to

Je rassemble sur cette page des notes, des conseils, des souvenirs, des idées pour la fabrication artisanale de goban. Ce n’est pas à proprement parler un HOWTO, mais plutôt un recueil de souvenirs qui pourraient intéresser quelques personnes, qui sait ?

À propos

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