not much

Finger plane

a tiny plane, that looks like a toy but is actually useful and enjoyable

Shaving pony

A small shaving horse to attach on top of a small bench

Sidekick bench [WIP]

A small versatile bench, usable as a normal bench, a bench top bench, a kid bench, a sawing bench, a shaving pony or an actual sitting bench.

Dvorak all the things

Let's say I could never touch type in azerty so why should I use the excuse of using dvorak to achieve it?

Holy goban

Holy goban, my first attempt at creating a go game board, drilling holes

git & pandoc ❤

> git, latex template and Makefile to work with my projects documents

Useless gaps

TL;DR: Modern era, computer, multitasking, context switching, mind fuck, dark side. Tiling window manager, fullscreen mode, big fonts.

Goban howto

Bricolage de gobans lourds et contondants ou comment construire un plateau pour le jeu de go avec un bon morceau de hêtre, pas mal de matériel et de papier de verre.